Regular mini trampoline workouts:

  • accelerate metabolism

  • stimulate digestion and contribute to the release of toxins from the body

  • strenghten muscles

  • improve coordination and balance

  • decrease the cholesterol and triglycerides level in the body

  • shape the body and allow you to burn up to 1000 calories per hour

It is a low-impact exercise, so it's easier on your joints.

Jumping Fitness offers many benefits, but this kind of workout is not for everyone. You should avoid this type of exercise if you suffer from:

  • discopathy

  • poor health

  • diseases of the ankle or knee joints

  • cardiovascular disease (hypertension)

  • osteoporosis

  • endoprosthesis

  • coordination or balance disorders

  • recent injuiries

  • severe obesity

  • respiratory diseases (asthma)

  • urinary incontinence

You should avoid this type of exercise if you are pregnant or have given birth within last six months.